All About Dre

Who is Dre Hilton???  A natural leader born DeAndre Roy Hilton with humble beginnings in St. Louis Missouri on July 20, 1985. It’s no wonder that Dre is leading the way in Children’s Entertainment when you are born and raised in the “Show Me State”. 

As a youth, he was brought up in the church as a PK (Pastors Kid). This taught service of EXCELLENCE to The Kingdom Of God that was and still is training ground for the high energy, kid-friendly and dynamic performance that youth will experience during a Dre Hilton Show. 

Mr. Smilie is affectionately the nicknamed given because of the positive attitude and smile that is a constant fixture on Dre’s face. One can’t help but smile when they are finally doing what they LOVE: motivating and celebrating children. 

WHAT Dre was called to do???   Use his unique talents in an area of entertainment that will make a lasting difference. Even though his ability to play several instruments and songwriting began with love, gospel and rap music; in 2014 that all change with the inspiration of Yes I Can Can. 

When did Dre know to focus solely on entertaining families??? It’s now been FOUR YEARS of putting in the work! All while Dre was a headlining performer with The Soul Of Motown Review in Gatlinburg, he sacrificed his on money for studio time, plus video production. The persistence has lead to Yes I Can Can video becoming viral on social media. The sky is the limit for Dreto change the world by helping parents raise their children with his other character building songs such as The Diary of A Dreamer, Good Boys & Good Girls and let’s not forget how to teach our children how to rise and shine with The Is The Way To Start The Day. All of Dre’s music focus is to help children 1. Keep Learning.  2. Dream Big 3. Get Up & Move 

WHERE does Dre Hilton see himself in five years??? In every family’s home being plus an ally to parents around the world. It’s not easy raising children. Dre understands this first hand as a father of two children; Shania 9 and Jeremiah 6 who he helps co-parent with his divorcée (place her name). Dre believes in tribal communities. A society that embraces all responsible adults making an impact to rise up children to DREAM BIG. In Dre’s own words “What if we start being our children’s future: NOW!” Instead of focusing on them being future leaders; DreHilton’s music creates a mindset that reinforces that our youth can be leaders at any age. 

Dre knows exactly HOW to do this!!!  He put all of his energy into his craft knowing it will affect others. Not just the kids he aims to entertain, but the parents of those youngsters and the communities in which they live. For Dre, that’s his reward!!! The impact of making a positive influence is already happening because of the calls, comments on social media and text message that said, “MR. SMILIE THANK YOU” 

Dre is still humble in his newfound success & willing to share his gifts with your family. Mr. Smilie is just a flight, train or car ride away from your hometown. Book Dre Hilton today for your next family event. Click the "BOOK ME" link in the main menu NOW!

I want to use my talents for what is needed and not what's popular”

— Dre Hilton